What To Look For In A Real Estate AgentJune 17, 2021

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When you are buying or selling a home, the experience is extremely emotional. Especially in today’s volatile housing market, how fast things move can be quite stressful. In many instances, you fall in love with a property only to be outbid.

Having a trusted REALTOR® who not only understands the market as a whole, but one that is a partner in the process of home buying helps. Apps like Zillow seemingly place house hunting in your front pocket; however, REALTORS® and their soft skills will always be needed.

Sandy Toth has over twenty eight years in the industry and voraciously studies 2021 real estate trends. Her attention to detail and personal touch are not found in even the most artificially intelligent real estate Apps. She and others have advice for home buyers when they are selecting a real estate agent to work with.

Interview Your Agents

Before you even begin to house hunt, don’t simply pick a REALTOR® that you come across randomly. Search for REALTORS® specializing in the neighborhoods you are looking and interview several of them to get a feel for their personality.

Observe if their branding has a focus around getting results for their client. Because several realtors work independently, many might have a focus on branding themselves rather than what they can do for you.

You can utilize modern technology to track sales records, reviews from past clients of theirs, and even check to see how many return customers they have when those individuals look to sell their house.

Patience When Searching

Top agents and brokers across the nation note exclusively that a pushy real estate agent is a red flag in most cases. If you can sense that your REALTORS®’s patience is either waning or nonexistent as you browse, it is wise to consider finding someone else to work with.

While lack of patience may be purely an emotional response from a lower tier agent, there may be something bigger to consider. If an agent is exceptionally forceful towards you buying a certain property, their intentions may be elsewhere. There are several realtors in the industry who try to coax their client into buying a property that gives them an extra kickback.

Always remember that your REALTOR® works for you. You did hire them to look out for your best interest, and that may occasionally translate to conversations of urgency. However, there is an obvious line between keeping you informed and guilt tripping you into buying something you do not want.

Don’t Be Afraid To Change

Nothing is final until you sign on the dotted line. If at any time you feel like your REALTOR® isn’t helping you, it is likely time to find someone that you have more chemistry with.

Choose a real estate agent that will genuinely take the time to understand your wants and needs. Contact Sandy Majetich-Toth at 815-791-2215. Sandy can help you in your search for a new home, or help you sell your current property. Let’s get started today!

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