What a Realtor Brings to the TableDecember 26, 2019

House Hunting

If you are addicts of most shows on HGTV, you’ll know that, while these series are entertaining, they often fail to show everything that happens in the real estate process. Take the engaging hit “House Hunters”, for example. A typical episode consists of a couple spelling out their criteria for the perfect home. A local realtor then takes them to three potential homes that, while having a few minor drawbacks, meet the buyer’s wish list. The episode concludes with the couple picking the house of their dreams and moving in!

In a 30-minute story, the main focus falls on the couple searching for a house and the possible houses themselves. The chosen realtor, while present, is far from the focal point of the episode. But, in reality, the realtor should have the starring role! Unlike what is sometimes portrayed on TV, the work of a realtor is so much more than doing an online home search and taking a quick tour of area residences. Without their expertise and dedication to their clients, people like you would find the process of buying or selling their house a whole lot more difficult. But the work of a realtor is so much more than searching for possible homes and here are just a few things that a realtor brings to the table in every real estate transaction:

They Speak Fluent “Real Estate”

If you are considering selling your current house or are in search of a new one, you may be tempted to think that it is a fairly simple process. While plenty have done it, others have found the legal terms, paperwork, and transactions intimidating-especially if they don’t have someone to talk them through the terminology and how it impacts them! This is the most common reason why homeowners hire a real estate agent. Mortgage companies must include complex terminology into their contracts in order to make the transaction legitimate-a real estate agent will easily be able to translate this language into less confusing terms for buyers and sellers.

They are Skilled Negotiators

One of the skills a real estate agent excels at is the art of negotiation. But this talent becomes beneficial to you when it comes to getting you what you need. According to Brockwell Bone, because a real estate agent has a fiduciary responsibility to you, they will put your needs above all others. Long story short; they will use their negotiating skills to your advantage!

They Know the Best Neighborhoods

While a house you are interested in may check every box off your wish list, if it is in a neighborhood that is less than ideal, chances are you will continue searching for a new home. A less than ideal neighborhood isn’t just about appearances; it emcompasses taxes, safety, and even the quality of schools. Luise News Club states that hiring a real estate agent can help you understand everything that comes with the neighborhoods that intrigue you; they can also help identify comparable sales and give you valuable insight into the value of your and surrounding houses.

When it comes to finding an expert realtor, there is one who epitomizes expertise and professionalism. Contact Sandy Majetich-Toth today at 815-791-2215, Coldwell Banker – The Real Estate Group, 925 Illinois Route 59, Shorewood, IL for help with searching for a new home, selling your current property, and to experience service that only an experienced REALTOR® can provide.

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