Relocating for Work: Where to StartAugust 31, 2022

So, you’ve been offered the perfect job: but it’s located a few states away. Relocating for a job is certainly not a new idea, but with the rising popularity of remote work, job relocation has become a much more common occurrence than ever before. While moving to a new state or city is an exciting prospect, it’s essential to thoroughly think through everything to know you’re making the right decision.

Here are some of the biggest things to consider before you relocate for work: 

  • Cost of Living. One of the biggest things to consider is the cost of living in the new city you’re considering. Is it more or less expensive than what you currently pay? Can you afford to rent or buy, and for how much space? What are the gas prices? Does your salary offer enough to cover these costs, and then some? These are crucial questions to ask yourself when deciding; if you can’t afford the cost of living, then relocating may not be the best choice for you.
  • Lifestyle. Each city has unique characteristics and attractions, making some cities more suitable for different lifestyles. Consider your lifestyle and how well the new city can accommodate it. For example, is it a drivable city? Do you prefer driving to work, or would you be fine taking public transit? If you enjoy nightlife, how active is the city center? Is there a thriving food and drink scene, or is there not much to offer? Do your research, but better yet, you may want to plan a short trip to the city in question so you can get a small taste of what it would feel like to live there.
  • Weather. Climate may not sound like a huge consideration but trust us when we say that weather can change your entire life. Check the weather trends of the city, particularly in the summer and winter. How hot does it get? Western cities can get unbearably hot for some people; is that something you can deal with? Or if you’re considering a midwestern city, how much snow does the city usually get in the winter? Can your car handle driving in that kind of extreme weather? Ask people who currently live in that city what they’ve experienced.
  • Family. Of course, if you have a family, it’s crucial to consider the effects that moving will have on your family. Think about the community and if it can support your family once you get there. Do you have any friends or family there to help you get settled? What are the school systems like there for kids? This can be an extremely sensitive subject for families and is something that you should take the time to discuss with everyone to make sure your entire family supports you.
  • Career Advancement. Similarly, look at the career advancement opportunities not just for you in the new city but also for your partner or spouse. Remember, just because your dream job is in a new location doesn’t mean your partner’s dream job is. Happiness and fulfillment are essential for both of you. Have a long conversation with them and get a feel for what career advancement opportunities they’ll also receive in the new city.
  • Moving Costs. Last but certainly not least, investigate the actual cost of moving. Moving a few states over or across the country can come with huge expenses you may not expect. Storage, full-service movers, and quick timing can all add up quickly (we’re talking upwards of $10,000!), and without the funds to support that, the moving process can be extremely overwhelming. Ask your new company if they have a relocation package, as some jobs will give you a lump sum of money to help cover some of the moving costs.

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