Neighborhood Highlight: Arlington Heights, ILSeptember 8, 2021

If you are in the Midwest real estate market, especially Illinois, it is likely you have heard of Arlington Heights. With a diverse ecosystem of wildlife and plenty of trail opportunities for cyclists and hikers, there is no place quite like it.

With an estimated population of 75,482, Arlington Heights is the largest city declared as a village in the United States. As of recently, it has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Cook County, offering its residents an eclectic urban and suburban mix.

Most residents of Arlington Heights are homeowners in some fashion; there is very little turnover, which makes it even more sought after. Sandy Majetich-Toth is an expert in all things Arlington Heights, developing an even deeper understanding of the perks of this beautiful area.

Top Things To Do

One of the most notable attractions of Arlington Heights is the Arlington International Racecourse; a paradise for the equine fanatic! This facility was founded in 1927, and in addition to horse races, plays host to several special events throughout each year.

A community with a rich culture means historical venues are abundant. The Mueller House is a notable one of those, being added to the national register of historic places in the year 1979. This venue houses a massive collection of dolls and dollhouses, representative of middle class lifestyles of the 1880s.

Looking for somewhere to dine and shop? Arlington Heights is home to a plethora of top-tier restaurants and shopping. The downtown area alone has over 40 shopping centers, featuring a hearty mixture of high-end retailers and quality dining experiences to satisfy the most diverse palettes.

Data-Specific Characteristics

What many home buyers look for in an area they wish to relocate to is more data-specific characteristics, such as information about schools, demographics, and even crime rates. Statistically, Arlington Heights is one of the safest communities to reside based on its proximity.

When you are buying or selling a home in the Arlington Heights area, you have the privilege of being part of a very economically stable area. A large portion of the demographic that makes up Arlington Heights are retirees who still own their homes; telltale evidence that those who call Arlington Heights home continue to do so fruitfully for many years.

While Arlington Heights is ideal for retirees, as that demographic makes up a large portion of the area, it is even more desirable for young families to reside. The public school system is highly rated, demonstrated by the statistic that they have the highest concentration of top performing public schools in Illinois.

A Premiere Agent Of Arlington Heights

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